Say Aloe to Adventure

If you missed it, an exciting re-branding took place last week at the official launch of Aloe Adventure; version 2.0 of Won Adventure.

After 6 years under the name Won Adventure, the team are excited for a new chapter of Eastern Cape adventures. “The proud Aloe plant is such a diverse plant, growing in diverse habitat and that is something we can connect with.”, Shares co-organiser Trystan Viaene. “We want to share experiences with those who love the Eastern Cape and what better way than through adventure.” Viaene continues.

“While we have huge respect of those who win our events, its the ones who ‘vasbyt’ through our races that we are in awe of. The Aloe represents the essence of growing through adversary and that is why we have chosen this special plant as our identity” shares Aloe Adventure Founder, Bruce Viaene.

With the rebranding, the Aloe Adventure team will be focusing on “home grown” races that help adventure seekers find their place in the wilderness. Whether you are only starting to venture out on trails or are a full blown expedition adventurer, you will find a home among the aloes.

Athletes will be able to look forward to the following events in 2020:

Bush Whacker Series | 4-6 hours of adventure racing on a semi marked course

Out The Green Box Nite Series | 5km night time trail runs that has been running for 6 years!

Sunset Series | 5-7km trail series held on the East Coast of East London during the Summer Holidays.

Trail Fest | New on the calender, this “festival of trails” will include night runs, long and short distance trail runs as well as a Kloof Challenge! All taking place at Seagulls Hotel, Wild Coast!

Merrell Transkei Tuff | The flagship of Aloe Adventure, this 150km Adventure Race will be taking part from Ocean View Hotel, Coffee Bay and entices both professional AR teams and rookies alike.

“We have some very exciting news regarding the Merrell Transkei Tuff which we’ll share later this week via the press, so stay tuned”, shares Viaene.

With all these different events on the 2020 calendar, you can expect a year of saying ‘Aloe to Adventure’ with the Aloe Adventure’s team.

the team are excited for a new chapter of Eastern Cape adventures

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