BW Distances & Disciplines

Each race will differ slightly in distances, however they will be between 25 – 35km.

Race #1 at Areena is as follows:
Trek / Trail Running – 7km
MTB – 13km
Kayak (provided) – 5 km

Kayaking – Flat water, with basic navigation
Trail Running – Teams will have to travel by foot over rugged terrain which may include kloofing.
Mountain Biking – Teams will be expecting to cycle over rugged terrain which will include steep decent, bike hike and single track
, Orienteering – Orienteering is an extremly important part of the race. Teams will be supplied Google Maps with check points included and are expected to navigate to each Check Point. If you can read a street map, you should be fine.

By entering the BushWhacker Tuff, you take full responsibility of being adequately proficient in the above disciplines.